Is Your IT Service Provider Delighting You?

It’s quite common to find companies working with IT service providers who don’t offer value for money. These businesses typically get into long-term contracts only to see themselves spending more money while getting less from their respective IT service providers.


If this scenario sounds familiar to your situation, the following could be a possible explanation of why you’ve been getting a raw deal.

Management strategy

An Mtextbox IT company like IBM poses as a thought leader in the industry. They’ve invested in extensive customer relationship throughout their existing infrastructure. Their management also does well in penetrating their territory with new products every once in a while. However, they lack a collaborative approach of doing things. They invest so much in managing customers, and this could explain why some customers opt to choose other solutions instead of what IBM is currently offering.

Microsoft way of doing things

Microsoft does well in marketing their products. However, their strategy can’t be copied due to a number of factors. For one, the company has invested so much in their platform. They are essentially a platform company, running on office and ”Windows”. Microsoft does everything it can to protect these essentials, even if it means giving competitors a run for their money to stay ahead of the pack.

Today, there are many IT service providers who copy the Microsoft style of doing things. However, danger sets in when these companies start to implement every single strategy that this company uses. Like we said, a number of unique factors come into play, and because of this, IT service providers should seek to blend their styles rather than relying on one style from a specific company that is doing well.

Misplaced priorities

Certain IT service providers are more concerned with profits that customer experience. If you buy several products from one company, you may realize that what you’ve bought is promising to be a headache when it comes to integration.

Take the example of Oracle. They have employees who are highly skilled in pitching their products as ”highly integrated”. However, when you invest in these products, you realize that Oracle is very poor when it comes to providing integration points the way SAP does it. In other words, if you are looking for a range of IT solutions that come pre-integrated, you’d be better off sourcing that solution from another company, and this means spending more money in both short and long term period.

Exhaustion of opportunities to serve customers better

While no IT service provider is expected to operate without flaws, certain challenges within its operation can become so apparent to the people they serve.

If an IT service provider is using a technology that is well integrated, it would be a plus for them because they are essentially giving their customers an easy time. But now the challenge sets in when they can’t upgrade their customers anymore.

And when buying any new IT solution from such a company, you’d be better off bargaining the cost being paid to support their existing infrastructure instead. But the problem is that many customers don’t realize these problems beforehand, hence they end up getting very little value for what they pay. So the bottom line is that customer should not choose a company that is perfect. Rather, they should choose an IT service provider who has uniquely tailored his solutions to meet those of his customers.


With reference to some reliable online news sites, such as bigskypress, a look up was done on the IT services and computer repair offered. The firms that could offer such services at their best were singled out and they included Computer Guys Inc., Computer ER, Computer Central Inc., Re-compute and Information Technology and Services.

Computer Guys Inc. is a firm established in 1995. The firm having the principals of customer service as its foundation, offers quality services to its customers by fully using its expertise as well as experience. It offers a variety of IT services among them being IT consulting services for new businesses, purchasing new servers, installing them, upgrading, repairing them as well as maintaining them for their clients. The firm also monitors servers and work stations for its clients, provides a firewall, spam and antivirus protection, and back up services which may be done offsite, locally or through the cloud technology. Computer repair services are also offered by the firm which may be done by having a technician going to its clients’ premises or having the clients drop the equipment for repair during business hours.


Computer ER is another firm comprising of highly skilled technicians and offers computer repair services to its customers with such great competence. Its repair services are offered at a convenient price making it possible for anyone who seeks such services to be able to acquire them. The various areas in which Computer ER offers its services include repair of desktop computers as well as laptops, virus and spyware cleaning at home, cellphone and tablet repair, providence of custom computers uniquely designed for gaming and repair of gaming consoles.

Computer Central Inc. is yet another company mentioned as such a great IT service provider as well as good in doing computer repairs in the bigskypress. An important aspect of this company is that it forms a partnership with its clients assisting them to keep up with the changing technological world. Some of the IT services offered by the company include selling of a number of products such as computer parts, laptops, computer software, printers and computer systems and they moreover, repair such equipment.

Linkedin provides Information Technology and Services, which has its headquarters at Kingston, as one of the best at providing IT services and computer repairs. It states that the firm has its specialties in spyware removal, new custom systems, hardware and software training, computer repair, used systems, virus and malware removal, computer parts and network service. All the above services are done at a low convenient cost and on top of that the firm offers to do a complete diagnostic of its clients’ equipment plus an estimate for free.

Another firm mentioned in the bigskypress is Re-compute which has been in operation since 1998 and since then dealt in top brands such as DELL, HEWLETT PACKARD, APPLE, HP and TOSHIBA. Re-compute specializes in data recovery, virus removal and making new computers. An amazing aspect of this firm is that it offers onsite services hence saving its clients the burden of having to transport their equipment to the firms’ premises.

Managed Service Provider IT Solutions and Services

manage serviceThe market today has become greatly competitive where the margins in traditional ways of service offerings have been eroded by price pressures of commodity type. These have similarly affected both hardware and software. With this in mind, service providers in IT are turning top managed service providers as a way of increasing their profitability and productivity.

The main software being used as an MSP solution is the Solarwinds N-able which combines both management automation and remote monitoring software with the leading technical and business services available in the industry. Most of these are available free of charge, giving you a fully scalable solution and thus offering managed services that will be very profitable for your business.

N-central is used by more managed service providers globally as it offers highest utilization rates for the technicians and helps achieve great productivity. It provides the MSPs with great flexibility that enables them meet their S needs at each stage of IT maturity using the hybrid licensing options offered. With this, it provides 100% of the device IP coverage with essential and professional licenses both optional with tools that are unbundled and standalone. This software has been supported by the businesses’ transformation services that are leading in the industry. This offers MS with the easiest and fastest on boarding process combined with the ability to easily generate a new predictable and recurring revenue.

For MSPs who deliver complete or supplemental IT services to both small sized and medium businesses, this software is the perfect solution. N-central gives will enable you t reduce cost and increase efficiency all through IT services automation and delivery of remote services. From a single, central console, you will be able to perform all tasks involving remote management for network monitoring of your customers’ devices that are IP-enabled.

You also get to automate all important services such as script execution, patch management, IT asset management, software distribution and many more services. With this software, you will also be able to undertake the discovery of both system infrastructure and the network in just a matter of minutes. Take advantage of this software to produce your IT performance reports as a way of demonstrating the value of the services you offer to your customers. It also reduces the cost and risks involved with getting to the market. It also enables you to get there faster, increasing your marketing support and sales.

Solarwinds N-able will provide you with all necessary resources and knowledge of how to grow your managed services of higher margin, whether you offer reactive, proactive or break-fix services. Eventually, this will enable you generate more and recurring revenue every month. You are therefore assured of cash flow that is predictable. With this, you will be able to protect your business from negative effects of diminished software and hardware sales. You will witness increased productivity of up to three times and increased profits of up to five times. Drive up your gain competitive differentiation and at the same time increase the value of your IT services. Consequently, you will enjoy stickier and stronger customer relationships.

Marketing for CPAs: How Blog Can Help You Big Time?

marketing for CPAs

A blog is a tool and it is a powerful one. With this, a person can communicate or relay important information to other parties. Another purpose of a blog is it can be a great marketing tool. It is the perfect marketing for CPAs, accountants and other tax professionals.

CPAs, accountants and other tax professionals can write and discuss about what they do best. They can also use this medium to solicit questions from their followers if they want to clear some things that concern accounting, financing, and other things related to this field. Also, it could be used to simply answer customers’ inquiries.

Now, CPAs may be great with numbers, but are they good in blogging? Do not worry for now; here are some tips on how to have a better performing blog site that can perform efficient marketing for CPAs.

Scope and Limitation.

A blog post is a short article that contains information for a particular topic. It is also meant to be easily understood, no complicated matters here. A news, an activity, product launching, tools for the trade, techniques and others. Also, make the blogs or articles informative.

  1. Keep it short. A blog article does not to be that long. A word count that is between 350 and 700 should be perfect. It should also be easy to digest and just a few paragraphs long and should only take a very short time to read.

  2. Easy to read. The reader should not have a hard time reading the blogs. Use of bullets, paragraph breaks and sub-heading is highly recommended so the reader’s eyes can easily glide on to it with important information easily seen.

  3. Facts or Opinion. A blog article can contain both. Solid facts are important and good to have on a blog article. Adding an opinion can also make it more interesting for the reader. It gives them your two cents for the matter. Just make sure that there is a clear distinction between the two in the article.

  4. A Clear Title. Make the title short and focused to the point that. It should be definite and not confusing. Spend an extra time to edit the article if you are having difficulty deducing the main point, so the readers will not have the same problem.

  5. Stimulate conversation. A blog is a good way to one’s point of view. It is also nice to have a great conversation or discussion on a topic. Soliciting the readers for their take on the matter is a nice way to gather an audience or followers. Everybody can also learn a thing or two with a healthy conversation.

To sum it up, there are a lot of advantages for having a blog. It is a great way to increase site traffic, gain new friends, as well as a nice way to exchange ideas and point of view. However, blogging is not for everybody and it consumes a great deal of time, but if properly done, it can be a great marketing tool.

Chartered Accountant Toronto Endorses Wealth Management

chartered accountant in toronto

A great number of people are willing to put up with long hours and really hard work to achieve financial independence or financial wellness.  Yet many of the same people say they feel their life resembles a rat race, where no matter how much they chase their dreams of affluence, they never seem to reach it.  What most don’t realize is that hard work is just one part of the formula required to reach real affluence, the other part involves the intelligent use of resources at hand to help preserve and grow their net worth.

Many people who say they can’t seem to get anywhere in their quest for financial security may not necessarily neglect savings, they may just be going about it the wrong way.  These people would usually look at their income, deduct what they need for expenses, then save what remains. The problem is that for most people, expenses rise in direct proportion to income; in the worst of cases, expenses rise faster than income.  This depletes whatever amount they may want to set aside for rainy days.

A chartered accountant Toronto may encourage people to be more resolute in their decision to save money.  If people set aside money left over from expenses and do not control expenses, then they are not determined enough.  People who really want to save money determine how much they want to save per month by deciding how much they want to accumulate over a period of time – they set goals.  Then they divide those goals by the time remaining between the present and their target date.  Once they have a figure, they more effectively budget by setting aside money they want to save, and then making what remains sufficient to meet their everyday needs.  That means whatever happens they set aside what they have decided to save every single month till they reach their goal.  You’ll find Toronto accountants quite capable of assisting with wealth management by visiting

Preserving wealth is another way chartered accountant in Toronto helps people.  In today’s economy, money kept in banks only receive very small interest income.  What makes it worse is that inflation rates now far outstrip any interest banks offer. The only way to counter these is to find stable vehicles for investment which has the potential to preserve and even increase the value of one’s wealth.  The goal is always to preserve and, whenever possible, enhance the value of one’s holdings to meet or exceed set targets.

Members of the Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario often advise investing extra resources in such a way as to provide needed resources to meet pre-determined goals.  The goals may be financing for the purchase of a car, the purchase of a home, college education for one’s children, comfortable retirement, etc.  Whatever the goal is, so long as it is realistic in relation to a person’s earning capacity, a financial strategy can be implemented to preserve and nurture wealth.

One other thing that accountants advice with regard to planning for and properly managing wealth:  it is never too early to start.  A simple call to your accountant can start the ball rolling.