With reference to some reliable online news sites, such as bigskypress, a look up was done on the IT services and computer repair offered. The firms that could offer such services at their best were singled out and they included Computer Guys Inc., Computer ER, Computer Central Inc., Re-compute and Information Technology and Services.

Computer Guys Inc. is a firm established in 1995. The firm having the principals of customer service as its foundation, offers quality services to its customers by fully using its expertise as well as experience. It offers a variety of IT services among them being IT consulting services for new businesses, purchasing new servers, installing them, upgrading, repairing them as well as maintaining them for their clients. The firm also monitors servers and work stations for its clients, provides a firewall, spam and antivirus protection, and back up services which may be done offsite, locally or through the cloud technology. Computer repair services are also offered by the firm which may be done by having a technician going to its clients’ premises or having the clients drop the equipment for repair during business hours.


Computer ER is another firm comprising of highly skilled technicians and offers computer repair services to its customers with such great competence. Its repair services are offered at a convenient price making it possible for anyone who seeks such services to be able to acquire them. The various areas in which Computer ER offers its services include repair of desktop computers as well as laptops, virus and spyware cleaning at home, cellphone and tablet repair, providence of custom computers uniquely designed for gaming and repair of gaming consoles.

Computer Central Inc. is yet another company mentioned as such a great IT service provider as well as good in doing computer repairs in the bigskypress. An important aspect of this company is that it forms a partnership with its clients assisting them to keep up with the changing technological world. Some of the IT services offered by the company include selling of a number of products such as computer parts, laptops, computer software, printers and computer systems and they moreover, repair such equipment.

Linkedin provides Information Technology and Services, which has its headquarters at Kingston, as one of the best at providing IT services and computer repairs. It states that the firm has its specialties in spyware removal, new custom systems, hardware and software training, computer repair, used systems, virus and malware removal, computer parts and network service. All the above services are done at a low convenient cost and on top of that the firm offers to do a complete diagnostic of its clients’ equipment plus an estimate for free.

Another firm mentioned in the bigskypress is Re-compute which has been in operation since 1998 and since then dealt in top brands such as DELL, HEWLETT PACKARD, APPLE, HP and TOSHIBA. Re-compute specializes in data recovery, virus removal and making new computers. An amazing aspect of this firm is that it offers onsite services hence saving its clients the burden of having to transport their equipment to the firms’ premises.

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