Marketing for CPAs: How Blog Can Help You Big Time?

marketing for CPAs

A blog is a tool and it is a powerful one. With this, a person can communicate or relay important information to other parties. Another purpose of a blog is it can be a great marketing tool. It is the perfect marketing for CPAs, accountants and other tax professionals.

CPAs, accountants and other tax professionals can write and discuss about what they do best. They can also use this medium to solicit questions from their followers if they want to clear some things that concern accounting, financing, and other things related to this field. Also, it could be used to simply answer customers’ inquiries.

Now, CPAs may be great with numbers, but are they good in blogging? Do not worry for now; here are some tips on how to have a better performing blog site that can perform efficient marketing for CPAs.

Scope and Limitation.

A blog post is a short article that contains information for a particular topic. It is also meant to be easily understood, no complicated matters here. A news, an activity, product launching, tools for the trade, techniques and others. Also, make the blogs or articles informative.

  1. Keep it short. A blog article does not to be that long. A word count that is between 350 and 700 should be perfect. It should also be easy to digest and just a few paragraphs long and should only take a very short time to read.

  2. Easy to read. The reader should not have a hard time reading the blogs. Use of bullets, paragraph breaks and sub-heading is highly recommended so the reader’s eyes can easily glide on to it with important information easily seen.

  3. Facts or Opinion. A blog article can contain both. Solid facts are important and good to have on a blog article. Adding an opinion can also make it more interesting for the reader. It gives them your two cents for the matter. Just make sure that there is a clear distinction between the two in the article.

  4. A Clear Title. Make the title short and focused to the point that. It should be definite and not confusing. Spend an extra time to edit the article if you are having difficulty deducing the main point, so the readers will not have the same problem.

  5. Stimulate conversation. A blog is a good way to one’s point of view. It is also nice to have a great conversation or discussion on a topic. Soliciting the readers for their take on the matter is a nice way to gather an audience or followers. Everybody can also learn a thing or two with a healthy conversation.

To sum it up, there are a lot of advantages for having a blog. It is a great way to increase site traffic, gain new friends, as well as a nice way to exchange ideas and point of view. However, blogging is not for everybody and it consumes a great deal of time, but if properly done, it can be a great marketing tool.

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