Is Your IT Service Provider Delighting You?


It’s quite common to find companies working with IT service providers who don’t offer value for money. These businesses typically get into long-term contracts only to see themselves spending more money while getting less from their respective IT service providers.


If this scenario sounds familiar to your situation, the following could be a possible explanation of why you’ve been getting a raw deal.

Management strategy

An True North ITG┬áIT company like IBM poses as a thought leader in the industry. They’ve invested in extensive customer relationship throughout their existing infrastructure. Their management also does well in penetrating their territory with new products every once in a while. However, they lack a collaborative approach of doing things. They invest so much in managing customers, and this could explain why some customers opt to choose other solutions instead of what IBM is currently offering.

Microsoft way of doing things

Microsoft does well in marketing their products. However, their strategy can’t be copied due to a number of factors. For one, the company has invested so much in their platform. They are essentially a platform company, running on office and ”Windows”. Microsoft does everything it can to protect these essentials, even if it means giving competitors a run for their money to stay ahead of the pack.

Today, there are many IT service providers who copy the Microsoft style of doing things. However, danger sets in when these companies start to implement every single strategy that this company uses. Like we said, a number of unique factors come into play, and because of this, IT service providers should seek to blend their styles rather than relying on one style from a specific company that is doing well.

Misplaced priorities

Certain IT service providers are more concerned with profits that customer experience. If you buy several products from one company, you may realize that what you’ve bought is promising to be a headache when it comes to integration.

Take the example of Oracle. They have employees who are highly skilled in pitching their products as ”highly integrated”. However, when you invest in these products, you realize that Oracle is very poor when it comes to providing integration points the way SAP does it. In other words, if you are looking for a range of IT solutions that come pre-integrated, you’d be better off sourcing that solution from another company, and this means spending more money in both short and long term period.

Exhaustion of opportunities to serve customers better

While no IT service provider is expected to operate without flaws, certain challenges within its operation can become so apparent to the people they serve.

If an IT service provider is using a technology that is well integrated, it would be a plus for them because they are essentially giving their customers an easy time. But now the challenge sets in when they can’t upgrade their customers anymore.

And when buying any new IT solution from such a company, you’d be better off bargaining the cost being paid to support their existing infrastructure instead. But the problem is that many customers don’t realize these problems beforehand, hence they end up getting very little value for what they pay. So the bottom line is that customer should not choose a company that is perfect. Rather, they should choose an IT service provider who has uniquely tailored his solutions to meet those of his customers.

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